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The Thief

By mudnainah, Barikville, WA

The Thief carefully inched across the platform. Beads of sweat trickled down his forehead as he focused on the task at hand. He heard a cough to his right; he immediately turned around expecting someone. He let out a sigh, relieved to know it was the guard sleeping in the nearby room. He returned his focus back on the box he was trying to retrieve. The moonlight shone on the diamonds casting mysterious colors on the walls. It’s now or never he thought. He slowly crept across the floor careful not to make a noise and lightly touched the delicate yet priceless glass box that held his mother’s future. He picked it up and gazed at it awed by its beauty. He turned to leave and was shocked by the person who confronted him. The police now stood in front of him with his gun posed ready to fire. The thief wasn’t at all afraid of the police, rather he was horrified of what HE could do to the police if he tried to stop him.

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