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The Merchant of Death by D.J. MacHale

By avalancheLily, Federal Way, WA

Bobby Pendragon is maybe more popular and athletic than most, maybe unique in being best friends with a nerd and crushing on a girl with whom he has a long-standing rivalry, but still a normal 14-year-old boy in the end. This is, until his eccentric Uncle Press shows up and drags him through a gateway into another world. Apparently, he’s not quite normal---he’s a Traveler, a guardian of Halla, comprised of ten worlds, or “territories,” only one of which is Second Earth. And his mission is to fight Saint Dane, some evil psycho determined to create Halla anew. The strategy is simple. Saint Dane is trying to tip each territory into chaos, one at a time. The Travelers have to make sure the territories take the peaceful route.

On this territory of Denduron, one group called the Bedoowan live in comfort by enslaving the Milago, who exist practically in the middle ages.

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