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Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer

By avalancheLily, Federal Way, WA

Artemis Fowl, twelve-year-old genius and Irish criminal mastermind, has found the perfect crime. He’s the ideal candidate for the mission—old enough to be ruthless, young enough to believe. Believe in what, you ask? Why, fairies, of course.

However, Holly Short, the only female officer in all of the elite LEPrecon (that would be Lower Elements Police reconnaissance to you, and thank goodness they got rid of the top hats and buckled shoes of the old uniform), is no Tinkerbell. She’s tough, smart, and less than amused when she’s kidnapped by an arrogant Mudboy and held for ransom for a ton of 24k gold, literally. Neither is the rest of the fairy community. They like their gold just where it is, and they’re most certainly not handing it over.

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