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The Queen of Prengia

By Lady_Lemon, Franklin, WI

The once marvelous stone work was crumbling slightly behind her. Ash whirled around her old tan robes. This is what her home has come to; destruction and misery. Ever since the Lactin’s came from two kingdoms over, this is all there has been. This is all there ever will be, unless she followed the king’s demands.
With I sigh, she outlined the complex design of a glass dagger in her hand. She had not been strong enough to protect her kingdom from this threat before, but she could make amends. The Lactin King aloud her two alternatives to never-ceasing war. One: marry his eldest son, and join the two kingdoms. Or two: Die.
She had never met the prince, nor had she heard much about him, but she had promised her father when she was a young princess that she would only ever get married for love. Since both of her dear parents had been dead for three years now, and she would hate herself forever for going against something her late father said; there was only one option.

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