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Bringing Color to a Black & White World

By WritingGrrrl, New Jersey, NJ

We are accelerating.
We are moving forth.
We are going at increasing speeds.

We are humans, where our daily journeys involve untangling the orphic mysteries and mishaps of life, one wobbly step at a time. We are self-sufficient, designed to drive forth, thinking in strictly first-person.We are taught to either dodge or run over the roadblocks in our daily life instead of taking the time to figure out why the roadblock is there-yet the question is, why do we do this? Why when conflicts arise do we fail to see in eachother’s perspective? Because we are individuals, the term itself meaning a single human distinct from a group; it is in our mindset to enunciate the pronouns “I” and “me”. Society as a whole is so focused about their own personal lives that it fails to see through the eyes of others-and that, my friend, is when conflict occurs, the fuel to this fire being lack of perspective.

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