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Just Me

By Frenchie15, northcharleston, SC

This is just anger rages randomly.If you get in my way it will be a big catastrophe.I'm just me,and also not the one to play with.If you have something to say about me then say it.I'm not the one.This life isn't fun.Your feelings run your life and are number one.You can try to stop it.You can try to contain.When those feelings talk over you wont be able to complain.Don't get me wrong I am not sick in the brain.My wrath can hit you hard like vicious rain.I can make it thunderstorm.Blast everything on you.My pain is what you won't see through.I'm just me.So please don't judge.If you force my temper out i wont budge.Run while you can you can be set free.Even though I'm not crazy,I'm just me

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