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Birthday Cards

By DiamondsIntheGrass, Martinsville, NJ

People say babies are gifts from Heaven. So, with that logic, we must’ve come with cards. A mental message from the angels or something. After all, what gift doesn’t come with a card?

I’ll bet that right before each birth, the parents are hit with a sudden image of their baby’s grown up face and a message from God. Helpful hints and such. And no one says anything about it, because there are more pressing matters on their minds, like “PUSH! PUSH!” or the scalpel cutting into their stomachs for the C-section of the plain old prospect of becoming a parent. Later, when the baby’s a few months old and the parents actually have time to pause and breathe and think, they’ll remember the card, but not acknowledge it. If they confess to hallucinations, they might be separated from their baby and locked in an insane asylum.

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