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I am not.

By pearljamlvr, quincy,IL, IL

I glance down at the cold, hard, unforgiving floor and I manage to scrounge up the last morsel of food i can find. The maggots and other various insects that were crawling through the distasteful bit were more than I could manage. I threw down the beyond rotten food down with the little bit of energy I had and then slowly slink back against the roughed wall of my cell.I slowly lift my hand to the jar of rosemary that carefully rested against my filthy neck. My mother had given it to me before she was drug out of our home to be burned at the stake. Without warning the cell door flew open with a deafening clatter. The preacher along with a guard stepped in while bringing a most unsettling presence in with them. They both looked upon me with a loathsome expression while the preacher discoursed.
"Are you ready now to confess your sins young witch?

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