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The Angel Chapter 10:Serena, The brave and the strong

Kasie L., Mansura, LA By writinggirl20, Marksville, LA

There was a knock on the door and Dr. Smith came in softly. "Xavier...may I speak to you?" he whispered so he would'nt bother the other friend, Sierra. Xavier got up and walked over to Dr. Smith. "What is it Dr. Smith?" Xavier asked cautiously paying close attention to his words. "I'm letting everyone that knows her in, she should awake in less than twenty minutes." he said waiting to see Xavier's reaction. A big smile rose on his face as he ran to the waiting room to tell off the good news and get the rest of the friends, They came sat at her side, especially Xavier holding Serena's hand. Ten slow minutes passed as everyone was still awaiting for her awaken.

Many hours passed and all her friends headed home, but Xavier was still ther on her side for the whole time.

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