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The Sound of Acceptance

By writereadlove, Brooklyn, NY

“The Sound of Acceptance” by Sarah Fraas was an article that raises awareness about gay or lesbian parents. This is a topic that most people are uncomfortable with, but others often make fun of it. However, the children of homosexual parents are the ones experiencing this prejudice and trying to deal with it. Sarah describes how she cringes every time she hears other students using the word “gay” as if it were a synonym for “stupid,” and “fag” in place of “idiot.” Many of them are simply ignorant towards this issue, while some are purposely discriminating. Sarah wishes to challenge their chauvinism by sharing the struggles of being a child with two mothers through a monologue, which really opened my eyes to how cruel people can be.

In the piece, she can barely control her emotions as all of her hurtful memories race through her mind.

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