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I Am Like

By Simply_Ciara, Hopkinsville, KY

I'm like an ocean, the farther you go the more things you find. Unlike a kiddie pool you can't see everything that's inside me at first you have to actually explore & you  will discover the unknown. Like in an ocean there is always something new to be found in this endless abyss. 
I'm like a temple, you start off with treasure in mind but are you willing to go through all the traps & hazards to get the envied prize of most. You might be surprised at what you find, it may be just right, perfect, or the exact opposite. 
I'm like the outer space & the heavens above, it takes you a while to truly enjoy all of it's vast beauty. From some perspectives it may be a biq empty space, from others the home to trillions & trillions of stars, galaxies, & planets… but in my point of view it's a mystery of beauty filled with fascinating things & celestial breath taking views given to us by the one & only God.

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