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My "Not" Best Friend

By Simply_Ciara, Hopkinsville, KY

I've come to realize that this person that everyone calls my "best friend" isn't my friend at all. 
She's my personal diary that will never judge me. 
She's my fun-sized Sun because she fills my life with warmth and happiness. 
She's my bubbly inspiration that knows how to make me laugh. 
She's my clown that puts a smile on everyone's face when she's around. 
She's my umbrella because she keeps the rain off of my parade. 
I feel like me and her our so close we sometimes share brain waves as if we were twins. 
Even though we may not see eye to eye I could never hate her or stay mad for long because it's IMPOSSIBLE. 
That's how I know she's not my best friend she's more of a sister to me.

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