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By HAL9000, Springfield, MA

Thick air rolls in through open windows as our vehicle glides down a winding road.
Like explorers in early times, we creep along, searching for that single place that completes the journey.
Winds gust and skies darken in spite of our arrival.
Emerald sails whip about while malicious clouds release the storms first drops.
A house stands formidably against the backdrop of a dense forest.
Inside, the residence is alit and bustling with activity.
Cardboard guardians occasionally block our path, stacked high and filled with familiar treasures.
There is little comfort as lightning repeatedly strikes, stubbornly attempting to split open the sky.
On the second floor, at the end of the hall, a breeze whistles gently through a screen.
The raging spirit of the outside is quelled as prodigious clouds scatter,

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