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By winton, Brooklyn, NY

Laura H brings up an important and necessary message that needs to be heard in today’s consumerism-consumed world: we must draw a line somewhere. Her article Murderer! details the harsh and senseless genocide of Marshmallow Peeps. What must happen for us to realize the cruelty we are forcing on to these innocent creatures? What have the Peeps ever done to us? Yet we treat them with such disregard, such ignorance, as we snatch them up during the holidays so we may devour them whole. Friends, Romans, countrymen, I plead for you to stop this senseless violence! Imagine you are a Peep, and you are callously taken away from your family, wrapped in a plastic container, and then sold to your imminent death. This superstitious eating of Peeps must stop. I propose a solution: Eat KRISPIES 2012.

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