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Singin' in the Rain This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.

By HAL9000, Springfield, MA

The musical is not the type of film that’s made too often nowadays, and when it is made, it’s usually met with lukewarm reactions. If there was to be some kind of swell in movie musicals, though, Singin’ in the Rain would be the film to look to for points on how to make the musical the right way. The film does everything that a classic Hollywood musical should do and more. There’s splendid set design, effectively upbeat tunes and wonderful direction. Singin’ in the Rain retains all the energy that makes this type of film memorable and never gets lost in showy, grandiose dance numbers (Which were prevalent in that era). That particular aspect might be what impresses me the most about this film. It keeps its head about itself and doesn’t forget that there is a good story at the heart of it. It’s these reasons and others which make Singin’ in the Rain one of the best (If not the best- I don’t think I’ve seen enough musicals to judge) musicals ever made.

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