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Just An Act

By IzzyLuv303, Jackson, NJ

“And, our second ranking student of the year . . .” Mrs. Anderson announced in her entirely too perky voice, “Claire Barnett!”

I mentally rolled my eyes at the fake, cheerfulness of Mrs. Anderson, the insincere plastic smile plastered to her face. I could see through her mask, could see the real her hidden underneath, and judging by the way her eyes looked tired, exasperated, I could tell that she was wishing that she was anywhere but here. I hated how false she looked up there, putting on her happy, “I love everything!” face just for show, but I knew that I was just like her in that way. Living life under a shield, a veil covering the true me, never to be removed.

“Congratulations Claire!” she exclaimed, clapping robotically, her smile so huge it looked on the verge of cracking her face.

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