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Mommy's Rainbow

By Hetalia-otaku, Sweden, ME

Kiera stayed by her mother's hospital bed. She made sure that the steady beep-beeping of the heart monitor stayed present. Although she was in something called a coma, her skin was gray and to five-year-old Kiera she looked dead. She carefully held her mom's hand and drifted off into a light sleep. She only woke up to barely hearing the beeping.
Kiera listened closer.
Beep..... Beep..... Boooooop....
Kiera was confused. What did that mean? "Daddy," she called. "Daddy, the beeper's making a funny noise."
Suddenly, someone burst into the room. It wasn't her father, but a nurse. She brushed Kiera out of the room and another guided her to her father.
A few minutes later, that same nurse sauntered out with a grave expression on her face.

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