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Who Am I

By dreamer22, Warren, MI

“He’s awake! Please, let it be true. ” I heard a voice ask in a shaking disbelieving voice.
I awaken with a start. I looked around, and was confused by my surroundings. I was staring at a bright white ceiling; I couldn’t seem to find the strength to move my head. I heard a voice in the distance that sounded vaguely familiar, but I couldn’t match a name or face with the voice.
“Hurry Mike, go get the doctor!” The voice said again.

The person with the familiar voice quickly stood over me. Her face looked worn out with stress and worry, yet still beautiful, and was even more familiar then her voice. However, I still could not think of who she was and my confusion only grew.

A second face appeared. This one was a man who I didn’t recognize at all.

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