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The Moon, as Silver as the Sun is Gold

By RedFeather, Pittsburgh, PA

The moon, as silver as the sun is gold,
Peeks out behind her smoky black veil.
Clouds vanish and her light becomes more bold.
White of marble milk shows her beauty pale,
Bathed in the gentle blue light of raindrops,
Drifting downwards to set the world aglow.
With quiet light resting on the treetops,
She smiles fondly down at the world below.
With brightly lit stars as her entourage,
Glints of glitter in her black evening gown.
A brilliant comet acts as her corsage.
Wishes make the gems of her nitghttime crown.
She safeguards her realm with her silver beams.
And it's here, that restless hearts come to dream.

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2 comment(s)
Hey, I want you all to know that I submitted this to the American Library of Poetry when I first wrote it, and the contest results are finally in! I didn't win, but I was one of the top choices and my poem had been PUBLISHED in their 2012 edition of "Talented". SO I am now an official published poet! xD
Apr. 07, 2013 at 9:38 AM • Report
Wow. This is amazing. I absolutely loved it!!You are a fanatstic writer-never stop writing. Please read, rate, and comment on my poems! It would mean a lot.
Nov. 13, 2012 at 2:01 PM • Report