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Intertwined Hearts

April 11, 2012

By Alli_Catz7, La Quinta, CA

His eyes made me feel like I was home again.
Silently, they knew where I'd been.
His hair made me feel comfortable and wary.
His arms looked strong enough; Me, he would probably carry.
His lips were pink as a rose petal in full bloom.
Looking at them, my heart fluttered, making my chest open and close with a silent boom, boom, boom.
His cheeks were covered in freckles like snow on the mountains in winter time.
With my eyes locked on his, I was ready to take that climb.
Nothing could compare to his eyes though.
Not blue, not green, but brown like a blackbird's crow. 
Staring into them made me sure that he was mine.
Oh, the pleasure of those eyes. So divine.
Caught between imagination and the real world; I couldn't let go of his gaze.

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