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The First is Never The Last: Prologe

Yvette *Yvon* B., Chanute, KS By Vampriss, Chanute, KS

He has been keeping it a secret for years, a terrifying secret.
She ran. All the way down the hall. Fast. She had to get away. Almost to the door. But the hallway seems to stretch. She tried to make it but she couldn’t. A hand shot out. Grab her leg. She tripped. Get up her mind screamed. She got up. She kept running as fast as she could. Not good enough. Hand close in around her. How did she escape?
She fell to the ground in freight. He loomed over her with a scary impression. He held up the knife and covered her mouth. Then the knife came down.

~Chapter 1 It all Began~
Yvon and Mikey have been friends forever, but Yvon never told Mikey on secret that could have endangered every girl that even looks at Yvon.

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