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I miss her

By Def_Leppard_fan120, Lake Lorane, FL

Looking up at the sky. On the grass I lye. Knowing she is out there. Last thing she told me was life sucks I don't care. When she texted Hun I got to go. She said I love you so. I cried. I felt like my soul just died. I told her I will never let you go but when that day came I felt like ot was a lie. When she said her last goodbye. All I can do is cry. 3 days gone by. I look up at the night. Wishing she can be in my sight. Do I wish she was next to me? Do I wish that next to me is the place I want her to be? Sure. I miss her.

She said "baby please forgive me". She said "My house isn't where I want to be". She doesn't know. Where is she going to go? Very little money. She texted saying "Please forgive me honey". The hot tears came down my face.

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