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KONY 2012: A Global Trend

By dreamingforpeace, Fairfax, CA

The YouTube video labeled “KONY 2012” has gained over eighty-five million views since its posting fewer than four weeks ago on March 4th. The video is a global phenomenon— according to YouTube demographics, “KONY” has been viewed in every country on Earth. The number of people watching this single film has been growing exponentially, and more awareness has been spread about the video’s cause than ever.

Shot by filmmaker Jason Russell, the video tells the story of Joseph Kony, the leader of a so-called Christian rebel group known as the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA). Kony claims to be led and inspired by the Holy Spirit, and considers himself a spiritual medium through which thirteen spirits and eight angels speak. He leads a campaign of terror in Uganda, and is dedicated to his goals of overthrowing President Yoweri Museveni and imposing a theocratic method of rule over the country, using the Ten Commandments (or his warped interpretation of them, anyway) as a single code of law.

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