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April 16, 2012

By Kidlet, Morris, OK

I'm going to miss this,
When all I have left is the past,
The light of sweet memories gracing your faces,
Laughter echoing in my head like a beautiful melody,
When things won't be as simple as a phone call,
And a fifteen minute wait.
I am going to miss the love,
Passed so freely between us.
I am going to miss the anger,
Feuds sparking more feuds,
But it'll be okay in the morning,
Because one of us will always forget we're supposed to be fighting.
I am going to miss the loud, rowdy 3-in-the-morning stories,
The quiet confessions which sprung forth tears,
And the reassurance of a simple hug.
I will miss the fast paces we set,
And how we ended up late anyway.

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