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I lost a family member because of this WAR

By HeartBreaker2010, El Paso, TX

In a time of war, every solider is put out in war. Families lose a family member/loved one and soliders lose there families and friends. Every solider is put in fear of leaving there families while they have to go to war. They fight for our rights, and for our country. There loved one is going to work, taking care of the little ones and praying for there solider to come home. War is never the answer because families lose a loved one, a child, and a father/mother.
Everyone dies some day, but no body should die because of war. When we die of old age; it was just our time to go, but when someone dies at war its not something nobody will forget because they were taken away by a gun or bobm, its not a death, no family or loved one wants to face. Every solider who is going to war tells us, "everything id going to be alright, I'll come home safe back to you.

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