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Please Just Let Me Breathe!

By KJAngelAuthor, Holland, MI

Hoo-rah! Kathryn’s finally moving out!

I could hardly contain my excitement as I rushed around my new bedroom, complete with a full-sized bed. Kathryn had been my very own, up-close and personal, bully for the fifteen years I’ve had to deal with living with her. Dragging in my desk, I realized I needed a breather. Finally having gotten it into the right spot, I fell back onto my bed. After a couple seconds of catching my breath - my desk was kind-of heavy - I jumped back up. I endured a moment of light-headedness, not unusual of late. My asthma and everything connected to it had been acting a bit haywire recently.

People were coming soon to help with Kristy, my little sister’s, room; I had to get all of my nick-nacks out of my old room as fast as possible.

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