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Broken Heart

By Floyd7888, Pleasant Grove, UT

I don’t know what happened,
I’m always thinking of you,
I’m not even sure that we really are done,
Even though we’re through.

When we were together,
I got so scared,
But you were always there for me,
Even when no one else cared.

Now I’m in a state of confusion,
Nothing is making any sense,
But I can’t stop myself from thinking,
You really were the best.

At first you were everything,
You were my whole world,
Then I wanted nothing to do with you,
And that’s when our relationship untwirled.

I hate seeing you hurt,
I know this is all my fault,
I can’t tell you how sorry I am,
That our relationship came to a halt.

I was never completely whole,
Even from the start,
Its hard to love someone,
When you already had a broken heart.

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