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Imperfect Love

Sarah P., Moorpark, CA By InfinityandBeyond01, n/a, CA

I should of know your lies were a work of fables. When you took hold of my beaten heart. You pierced each veins by your shattered promises. You fractured every beat with your fist. You disconnected all my cords to pump life back into my heart. I should of open my eyes! All these brutal signs were my scream to be vanquished from your arms. But I hesitated , to hope only that your imperfect senses would come back to reality. Who would of know those precious loving arms, I once laid in turn into the arms I wish to ignore. And those hands,that once perfectly matched mine turn into the hands that destroyed our equality. Your eyes were the ones I adore but now I most fear. And those lips of yours were the ones I obeyed with pleasure. Now I disobey your lips demand with humble halting. The emotion I once felt with you is no longer existing.

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