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By meaghantt, Raywood, TX

I woke up and didn’t remember anything that happened. Last thing I do remember was Taylor, the love of my life, beside me laughing and in my arms close to me as we fell asleep in the bed. She was Caucasian with black orbs as dark as night for eyes. I was always one for redheads so her long red hair along with here red wings made me happy. Did I mention we are demons?
I was in a bathroom stall but where, I didn’t know. I looked in the mirror into my blood red eyes and let my dark black wings uncover for a second. I let my wings fold back around me and fixed my medium length black hair with dark red streaks. Then I realized, I was in a Wal-Mart bathroom. I wasn’t very tall only about 5’ 11” and I weighed about 215, most of it muscle.
I heard a blood curdling scream come into the bathroom and I rushed out hoping it wasn’t my Taylor.

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