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Truthful Lies

By Behind-The-Illusion, Glenns Ferry, ID

Alexia- She is tall with think brown hair. She has hazel eyes, and soft peach skin. She is sweet and sarcastic and she is in love with Levi.
Levi- a few inches taller that Alexia, he has short black hair and dark peach colored skin. He is nice, and really smart.
Scene- Alexia and Levi are saying goodbye in Alexia’s yard after a fun night at the community fair. Its night time, and its cold and windy outside.
Alexia: So… what did you want to talk to me about?
Levi: (Silence)
Alexia: Is it something bad? Why won’t you talk to me?
Levi: (changing the subject) did you have a good time at the fair?
Alexia: It was fine, but you seemed like you weren’t having a good time.
Levi: Oh, I was.
Alexia: Then why wouldn’t you ride any of the rides with me?

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