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You walked out the door

May 16, 2012

By Claire_baller, Platteville, WI

The days go by in a blur as I wish you were here
The tears fall down my cheeks as I drop to my feet
All I need is someone there
It seems I took advantage of the time we have togeather
I wish it was forever
I wish everything was as it was before...
You walked out the door....
Im all alone constintly
And it seems Im on my own to find out lifes myisteries without you
Life seems so blue
I know I miss you too...
If only I knew what I had
Before you left...
It seems like it gets harder....
You tell me Ill get stronger...
I wish the time we had would last longer
As the tears fall from my face
I cant seem to find a trace of you in me

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