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Dragon Quest Chapters 1 & 2

By GodSpell98, Lincoln, NE

Chapter One: Tabitha Woodward

Emily sat in the backseat of a shiny black limo, in the very back, reviewing the day’s events. She was rudely awakened in the orphanage by two boys who had come in. They whacked her in the face with pillows, then ran out, laughing. Emily had fumbled for her alarm clock. Five A.M. Perfect. Emily knew she wouldn’t be able to get back to sleep, so she got up and dressed in her usual gray t-shirt and jeans. It was like this almost every had been since she came to the orphanage, when she was less than a year old, the only survivor of the car wreck that had killed her parents. She had made her bed and grabbed her favorite book, Tom Sawyer, and sat back down to read. It was her favorite because she loved how Tom was free to do anything! Not like in the orphanage...required to get up at six every day, to arrive for breakfast at seven, start studies at eight, arrive to lunch at exactly noon, then arrive back at studies at exactly 12:30, to be back in their rooms at 3:00, work on homework until supper, which occured precisely at 6:00, and bed at exactly 8:00.

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