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The Wedding

May 13, 2012

By literarylover39, Fairfield, CA

This place made Veronica feel alive like only one person had ever made her feel alive before. The blood pounding in her ears was more real to her than the wedding march that shattered against the walls pressing in around her, although it was this song that tore viciously at her nerves and pointed every fleeting thought toward a single idea: “run.” Everything in this place was a threat to her. Every person in this room was there to attack, to witness her shake and tremble in the glaring spotlight. The very existence of this situation was torturous, and the bride existed only to see Veronica bleed. The sweating woman’s eyes darted around the room in a panic of their own, but froze at the sight of the single most dangerous and yet most comforting person in the world: the groom. Veronica stopped breathing in a last, desperate attempt to make herself disappear.

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