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A Day In My Life This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.

Adam S., Tamilnadu, India By praveen.Trichy, Thirchy, India

Before starting the story, I am sure that I will not speak about the person who was considering as a terrorist by many people. Still, It is hard for me to believe it had happened. I believe he is a terrorist, because he used children as his shield. My kind request to those who read is, 'before you curse any one, try hard to love them.'

For me, it was just a normal day in school. Class begins and we all started to work. I know what was happening in the country. There was a Civil-war going on for more than 30 years. It still confused me why people are fighting and killing themselves. On that particular day, I felt school as a safe place than home. There was firing everywhere.

I believed no one will enter the class and scare the students until, a man in uniform broke the door of my class.

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