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The Phantom Reincarnate: Part 2

By crazywriter662, Oak Creek, WI

The idea was insane. Could the Phantom of the Opera be . . . real? Well, there was an opera house in Paris that could be ‘the’ Opera House. But still, the idea was incomprehensible.
“This cannot be happening,” I muttered.
“Well, it is,” Erik replied. Our fellow actors around us were starting to get their costumes and makeup, so Erik added the page on his favorites and got up. “C’mon, Maria, we can plot about it later.”
I sighed. “Yeah, that’s fine with me.”
We got ready and went through the whole show. It went pretty well, but I think that a lot of people noticed that our minds were focused elsewhere. When we were finally finished, we rushed out of our costumes and went back to the laptop.
“I need this death mask,” Erik muttered. We were at my house because we didn’t want to deal with Derek’s prying eyes.

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