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Saving Private Ryan: Richard Reiben This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.

Brianna H., Gibbon, MN By CrazyGirl01, Gibbon, MN

So you wanna know what happened to good ole Reiben after the war. After he went home. Well it's obvious, isn't it? He went on to be someone real special. Now who am I? I'm that guy you always hear talking up in the sky. You know that guy that always seems to sound like James Earl Jones. Yeah, him. It's been like thirty years or so since the war ended. A long time to live. So what has he done in all that time. Well there was the Nobel Peace Prize thing in 1950, but that one was given to Ralph Bunche. And there was the president thing in '61, but JFK got the job. Unfortunately, things didn't end the best for him. That sucks because he was a nice president. Then there was the Superman thing going, but its not easy to learn how to fly. Still a good time.
No. That's all a lie. I'm not James Earl Jones.

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