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Never and Always

Ashley-Kate S., West Palm Beach, FL By akstory, West Palm Beach, FL

They ask me, “Why?” as if I’m doing it on my own accord. They ask me, “When?” as if they’ll be counting down the days. They tell me, “Don’t go!” as if I can control it. They say they’ll miss me, as if I’ll actually be on their minds once I’m not standing right in front of them. They say they’ll always remember me, as if they won’t find a replacement for me. Well I know I’ll never replace a single one of them; I’ll never forget the memories we have. Even if they forget, they’ll always be etched into my mind as the people who’ve filled the last ten years of my life.

The time in kindergarten, when Alex made me move my clip from green to yellow because she was talking to me! That was the only time in all of elementary school I ever had to do that… Yeah, Alex—I’m gonna remember you.

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