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By Claire_baller, Platteville, WI

Senseless words on paper. I do not understand. Confusion fills my body to a boil. How do they know? How do they know all of this and I don't? Am I dumb? Am I stupid? They continue on as I try to figure out what happened in the last chapter. I feel as if I'm a dandieloin in a field of roses. I carrie on with the others and hide behind my hair. I never raise my hand afraid of the stares I'll get if I answer wrong. What if they laugh at me? I always think that its too late to review. Too late to ask questions. I kick myself when I know the answer and I don't raise my hand. But how can I? The enviroment is too stressful. Tests are only to be described as being an ant under a magnifine glass being burned water and people watching me squirm. Unable to get away and always knowing the pain would follow me. Persperation starts in my armpits when I'm called on.

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