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Time Keeper

Diane P., Hong Kong, Hong Kong By dianepoon, Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Rainwater slid down the window pane like sweat dripping from a coal miner's back with ferocity. It tapped on the roof crazily with tempo like a madman's footsteps while running, steady but uneven. Close up, her bright eyes blinked with a regular beat, trying to tame the messed up rhythm of the rain. Drip drop, drip drop, drip drop. But she couldn't. So the generous clocks on those four walls tried to help, tic tok, tic tok, tic tok. Five clocks on this wall, three on that wall, four on the other, and seven on the opposite, though they were quite certain that it had no use because hurricane rains could never be tamed. Those eyelashes fanned like the tail of a peacock. Her pink lips weren't too thick nor too thin, but just the perfect proportion for a sweet smile. Her gorgeous dark hair was the envy of every lady friend of hers, it fell gracefully on her shoulders.

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