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By CaitlinK, Spearfish, SD

It was Halloween of 2011. Usually people are out trick-or-treating, but not me. I was stuck. I had nothing do to. I didn’t have a costume, and I wasn’t going to spend a couple of hours trying to think of one, and then put one together just to get candy. No way, no how.
Thoughts poured into my mind about what I could do. I could throw a party, I could just go to bed, or I could play the guitar for hours. But it occurred to me: I wanted to do something dangerous. Not just the “Oh, I’m going to jump off the roof and survive” dangerous, it was the “let’s mess around with the paranormal realm of the world” kind of dangerous. My parents had an Ouija board and I had a car.
Perfect, I thought.
I snuck out my window, Ouija board tucked under my armpit, and car keys in hand. It was just about 10:30 and the moon was starting to kiss the top of the sky.

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