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By Oelania P, Brooklyn, NY

CRASH! The ship shook violently after being mercilessly pounded by asteroids. I fought hard at the wheel get back in control of the damaged ship, barely missing a small planet. Again, I swung the wheel to the left, in a fruitless attempt to avoid an incoming satellite. It was too late though, and the ship collided with the satellite.
“The FCI are probably going to be thrilled when they find out you wrecked a three billion dollar satellite,” said Ben.
Yeah, that’s Ben alright, never missing the opportunity to make fun of my bad driving. I would like to see how he would handle a thirty ton space ship that’s missing its tail… The best way to describe Ben? Well, try to picture a thirty-year old who’s spent most of his life at McDunwald’s, and that’s just about how my commander looks.

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