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The Gullible

By Il-Jasper, Tifton, GA


THE BEGGAR/ABERCIO "The eldest brother of the royal family which Damario descends from.

THE BLIND DAMARIO-Younger brother of Abercio that was blind since childbirth.

GREY-EYED ATHENA-The goddess of wisdom and warfare.


Morning light filters through vacant windowsills; a shady travel-worn man appears followed by a faction of well-armed men. The shady man waved a gesture and the group dispersed into the shadows. The man than began prattling along the buildings, occasionally looking in a window or two while muttering an unfolding plot to himself.

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1 comment(s)
this dialouge i really convincing and effective.  in other words each character is distingushable.  i just think you could work a little more on the stage directions and the like.  i liked it.
Dec. 14, 2012 at 8:09 PM • Report