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We Don't Have To Take This, We Can End It All.

By billgamesh11, Grafton, MA

“Boom!” Laura’s stack of freshly checked-out books cry out as they land on the glossy tiled floor of her school’s hallway. Her glasses flew off as she fell to the ground, but she still had an idea of who her assaulter was; the most popular girl in school. She has stuck out her “perfect” little black Jimmy Choo stiletto right in poor Laura’s path. Now she is the laughing stock of the hallway. Her eyes rake the crowd, but there is not one friendly face to turn to. She scrambles to collect all her books to hurry off to her class before the bell rings. When she’s safely inside the doors of her science class, she realizes she is one book short. Her stomach sinks a little, knowing that one of her classmates had picked it up and probably won’t give it back. But she miraculously gets it back; after last bell, Laura was at her locker getting her stuff together and a boy named Trevor quickly gives the book back, as if he hadn’t made any contact with Laura in order to stay “cool”, but this doesn’t faze Laura one bit.

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