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Broken Inside

Trang H., Dallas, TX By trangh_64, Dallas, TX

I'm sorry if you think I am just DOOM to fail in life....just because I'm actually happy for once. I'm sorry if I come home alive and not dead. I'm sorry that I worked SO hard to make you proud and ALL you can ever seen is what more I could do or be. I'm sorry that everyone else can be so amazed and proud of me and you can't see it. I'm sorry I couldn't be your vision of perfect. I'm sorry that I'm not good enough. And not to be rude or harsh but our world today is not like what it used to be. You have done so much for let me do something for me. Trust me. Stop making me feel so bad for being happy and living for me. Stop making it seem like its my fault that everything is falling apart. God is with me....whether you choose to take me out of your life or not. I am graduating tomorrow night with high honors.

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