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The Resistance by Muse

April 5, 2012

By, Topeka, KS

The latest of Muse's several albums since their debut in 1999, "The Resistance" has definitely been a turning point for the alternative/rock group. Now focusing on more hardcore guitar and less whiny vocals, Matt Bellamy and his few minions have proclaimed a riot. The first single "Uprising" is, in fact, about rebelling against those who may not like the idea of not conforming to society. It sort of ties into “Black Holes and Revelations” in that it focuses some on war and hate but has kicked off as something more about fighting back than fighting pointlessly.
Personally, "Unnatural Selection," "MK Ultra," and "Resistance" are my favorites on the list. "MK" uses lots of technological sounds to create sort of a non-human vibe, whereas "Resistance" is out to show that the power of love may possibly trump the love of power.

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