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For The First Time

May 24, 2012

By IfYoureMad-KillWithKindness, West grove, PA

       It's sad and lonely the way I am. Colors have no hue. Shapes have no form and sights to see cannot be seen. It's the way I've lived my life since birth. I cannot see. I can hear, smell, taste and touch, but all of it seems  meaningless if I can't see it. 
     It's like looking into a black hole. A dark void of nothingness. Everyday, every night if I open my eyes all I see is nothing. Its like forever having your eyes closed, crusted together from years of sleep. When I was little I used to imagine that this was how Sleeping Beauty felt.
     But today everything will change. I have undergone an experimental operation. I'm going to have new eyes. Eyes that can see the light and the brightness of the world. Eyes that will only see darkness when they're closed.

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