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Yin Yang

By xMIRandax, Ellicott City, MD

Nox had always loved the night. She was, after all, named after it. Nox Lux, Night Day, the ultimate embodiment of Yin Yang. Or so she had been told.

Nox didn't believe it. She didn't think darkness and light could work together in perfect harmony. Nox had yet to see light, Goodness. The Lux to her Nox. Despite her name, she wasn't Darkness and Light. Only Darkness. She embraced it, let it devour her, and she loved every second of it. There was no need for light when contentment came with the darkness. Why would she want light to stain her wonderful night air? To bleach away the safety and softness that came with the night until all that was left was a blinding light and a mish-mash of colors and noises? She just didn't see the appeal some people found with the day.

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