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Cinderella in the 70's

Anna J., Lapper, MI By readerwriter13, Metamora, MI

A long time ago, Cindy Rella was walking to her job at the record store when she saw the most handsome man she had ever seen: Tony Manero. He had striking three piece white suit on, piercing blue eyes and… a girl on each arm. Cindy could feel her self-staring at him as she walked by The Ball, the local skating rink and his usual hang out. She had the biggest crush on him but… he was totally off limits. So she pulled down the sleeves on her sweater, smoothed her curly brown hair, kept walking.

As she walked into the record store the scent of the vinyl records hit her as usual. The place was a dump though it was only built in 1972. I’m never going to get use to this, Cindy thought to herself. After a few hour of being totally bored behind the counter a familiar white suite walked through the door and to the counter.

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