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Societal Smog This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.

By Anonymous, San Diego, CA

Societal smog is making us blind
Killing our minds, leaning inclined
To those with prose to describe a rose
Learn what he knows, none to oppose
Or a poem to show them what home is;
For “home” is deception,
Home is what we believe
To be normal, average, ordinary.
Homebodies such as we cannot
See the alternative to words,
Words split into thirds to curb
The absurd blurbs of rhythm.
This is all we see.
Yes, we are blind in not taking
The time to unwind these fine
Lines that bind the rhymes,
And as we believe we perceive
What the poet conceives,
We are thieved by the certain
Doom he or she leaves behind.
As we mumble about the letters

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