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The Woes of a Right-Brained Thinker: English Vs. Math

By Charnell, Bedford, IN

Second grade started a chain of events that led to my severe aversion to math and subsequent passion for English. It began with my parents who were so overly eager to see me in class they didn’t wait in the office for me to leave for my doctor’s appointment. Instead, they stood in the doorway, all smiles, and watched in fascinated interest like children at a zoo, my peers and I playing the game I liked to call hope-and-pray-the-teacher-doesn’t-call-on-you-to-answer-the-question-on-the-flashcard. My teacher informed me in a syrupy voice that I could not leave with them until I answered a flashcard correctly.

Riiight. Like that would happen. I hadn’t answered right before, and I certainly wasn’t going to be able to answer now that my freedom depended on it.

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